Mar. 10, 2018
Oh Wow! Time for March to spring forward? Ha ha! Well Overmountain Brewers are sure spring around this month. Check out our events page to see what all is happening and even if you can't join us for every meeting, come check us out - you will be glad that you did.
- Donna
Jan. 9, 2018
Hello to 2018! I am shocked that time has moved so fast and the last part of 2017 slipped passed with lighten speed. Welcome to our site and we hope you will check out our meeting minutes as they show some of the excited fun stuff that we have been involved in over the years. We will get more updates added soon as we plan for lots of fun and education for this year. In our meeting last night, we laid out some plans for 2018 so stay tuned!!
- Donna
Nov. 18, 2017
Hello and welcome to our site! We would like to invite you if you can make it to our Fall Down in Asheville trip on November 18,2017. Check out our plan here on our facebook page:
- Donna
Sep. 16, 2017
As summer is passing we find that times are busy, busy for Overmountain Brewers. Brewing and looking forward to our local festivals has been fun fun! We will be pouring beer at Kingsport Oktoberfest and Tazewell Oktobrewfest. Both of these events have Competitions so come check us out and vote for our beer!
- Donna
Aug. 11, 2017

8/14/2017 Taste Camp - Damascus Brewery

What is taste camp?

The exploration of sight, smell, and taste of beer with a focus to learn/build vocabulary to describe these senses.

The Plan:

  1. Meet at listed time and review the current tap list
  2. Decide what beers to sample and discuss
  3. Order a few pints of the same beverage (or see if we can do small samples from the bar)
  4. Pour small samples for attendees, so everyone has the same beer to taste
  5. Smell, examine, taste, and then discuss the beer
- Donna
Jul. 8, 2017
We have had a change of meeting location. We will now be meeting at Joe's river house. If you need directions just contact us. Thank you.
- Donna
May. 29, 2017
I would like to share with you the opportunity for your beer to be known as the best beer to howl at! Click on the competition tab so you can register. Don't delay, registrations accepted through 05/31/2017 at 12:00 AM, EDT. We also want your help to judge or steward at this competition. Anyone that judges or stewards will receive a Saturday entry to the Wolf Hills 3rd Howling event. (There was no comp at the first event, we all just drank beer!) Check it out and I hope to see you there.
- Donna
May. 3, 2017
In 1988, Congress announced a National Homebrew Day. The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) created AHA Big Brew as an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day around the world. Now this event is always held on the first Saturday in May. This year we are having the 2017 Big Brew event at Wolf Hills. We will host homebrewing demos and live Q&A with homebrewers! Event starts at 1:00 pm.
- Donna
Apr. 20, 2017
Taste Camp's first meeting will be on April 24, 2017 which will be the last Monday of this month. This is the plan: Meet at 6:00 pm and review the current tap list Decide what beers we want to sample and discuss Order a few pints of the same beverage or see if we can do small samples from the bar Have small samples for attendees, so everyone has the same beer to taste Smell, examine, taste, then discuss the beer I plan on eating while there and want everyone to note this is NOT an event where we are bringing homebrew. We are ordering beer from Mellow Mushroom's tab list.
- Donna
Apr. 7, 2017
Be sure you come and check us out at Thirsty Orange. Great beer from our club members will be poured till we are out, or force to last call. Be sure you tell your friends and let us know how much you enjoy our offerings!
- Donna
Feb. 26, 2017
Wow, February is almost over? Can anyone believe the silly weather we are having? With us seeing the low 20s and then the next day a high of close to 80, it really makes it nice to be outside and brewing! Cold ground temps..... but I am not freezing makes it so nice. Speaking of brewing, as I am, let me ask you - what is your current brewed beer? Are you aging something special? Bring it to the next club meeting and share. We would love to hear from you and bring a friend for them to learn what you are up to. Beer is awesome to share in a group!
- Donna
Dec. 26, 2016
Hello Overmountain Brewers, My sincerest hope is that everyone had a fantastic Christmas celebrating the gift of time with family. If you had the opportunity to share a beer with them - even better! Speaking of sharing a beer, we don’t want to forget to share the knowledge of our club with everyone interested in craft beer. My, oh, my how the love has grown! It used to be such that I traveled hours for the chance of picking up some wonderful craft beverages or perhaps stood in line an hour waiting on my local Brewery – Wolf Hills – to get a growler filled. Now can you believe what the lineup is at our local grocery stores and how many breweries are just within the Tri-cities area? This is that love growing and growing! For 2017 Overmountain Brewers plan to share the love of learning how to homebrew. We will share with everyone that visits our meetings, comes by our tent at the local beer festivals, and to those that talk to our club members. I wish you the best ending for 2016 and look forward to the fun in 2017! Happy New Year’s everyone!
- Donna
Nov. 4, 2016
We are having the 2016 Learn to Homebrew Day event at Wolf Hills Brewery on Saturday, 11/05/2016. The event is set for 1-5 pm. Wolf Hills is having a ticketed event that night, and unless people want to stay for the band that will be playing, they must leave by 6. Overmountain Brewers will be demonstrating the brewing process and we will have questions and answers throughout the day. We hope you will be able to make it, so we can share the art of this wonderful craft. We will be tallying up the gallons for the weekend so even if you can't come - brew, brew, brew!
- Donna
Oct. 25, 2016
Our Cider Pressing at Link's house was a great success as always. Great weather, apples that were beautiful, and the help of all that came together made this another fantastic event for Overmountain Brewers. Oh and let me tell you we had great food at our lunch break. Good nourishment that kept us with plenty of energy to complete the task at hand. There were 3 bins of apples and 3 cider presses running. We went through all of them and came out roughly 6 hours later with close to 100 gallons of cider. Speaking of nourishment I wanted to send a reminder to the club in case it had been forgotten, about our Education tab. On this tab, we keep a listing of the topics covered and some had extras that could be referred to later. The one I wanted to point out was the cider primer that Link had put together for us a one point. You can find it here: Those that were at the event listened in to a quick talk from Link about the next steps, but in case you wanted to review specifics or want additional resources I thought I would send this out. Have a great day and we will see you at Learn to Homebrew - November 5, 2016
- Donna
Oct. 20, 2016
Temperature is about to change significantly! What a perfect excuse to make some apple cider. Yum. We will be pressing apples and then looking forward to our next Public event - Learn to Homebrew Day 2016. Check out the information on our events page, or here:
- Donna
Oct. 7, 2016
Hello Everyone, We really would like to thank everyone that came out and supported Overmountain Brewers at Kingsport Oktoberfest. We had a fantastic showing with a wonderful selection of beers. Hope you had as much fun as we did! And, if you took one of our cards, we hope you will be coming to our next meeting. We look forward to seeing you.
- Donna
Sep. 30, 2016
Welcome to October everyone!!! This time of the year we hear all about Oktoberfests.... And so it begins and it brings many homebrewers together to celebrate our wonderful craft. If you can, come to Kingsport Oktoberfest on 10/1/2016. Overmountain Brewers will be there pouring all kinda of yummy beers! Hope you will also come visit us sometime at a meeting. We would love to talk to you about brewing.
- Donna
Sep. 10, 2016
Hello Overmountain Brewers, It is time for the September 2016 homebrew club meeting. I have been seeing a ton of pumpkin everything and yes, that includes beer. With 50+ 90 degree days I am just not feeling the fall pumpkin thing yet, are you? We had a good time and didn't get very wet at all during the River house meeting. Now it is full swing getting ready for the next up festival Kingsport Oktoberfest. Information has been trickling out and I have already registered. If you missed that email from Matt and Fred, check this link out: We plan to do another experiment so the more people participating the better! Another keep important thing to be aware of is that Joe Wentz is doing a freight order on 10/2; so please do your pre order by 10/1. He says to call 276-889-2741 or email: Since we have last met, two new breweries have opened and a new watering hole is serving up all kinds of good stuff. Check out Sugar Hill Brewing Company and Brew Rebellion Bristol The newest place to drink is Model City Tap House Also coming soon will be Great Oaks brewing: The Tricities craft beer scene is growing and I love it! Enjoy a brew and come with news and info to share at the meeting.
- Donna
Jun. 12, 2016
Oh my gosh is it June already? I hope everyone didn’t mind our brief round of meetings on Tuesday nights. As most club members are aware several club officers attended a class that had been offered on Monday nights for the last 3 months. Those that attended the Discovering Beer Styles Throughout the world got to promote not only the 2015 BJCP Styles, but the Overmountain Brewers club itself. We had a great time. Studio Brew was our wonderful host and Ben Cowan was the esteemed teacher of this course. If you haven’t looked at this class, be sure to review this information here: Now that the class is over, we are back to meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month. We hope you can join us at our next meeting, or at least you can taste our beer at the local Abingdon Festival – Hops and Howlers 2016. We plan to have a few beers that you don’t want to miss! Hope to see you there!
- Donna
Feb. 8, 2016
Thank you for checking out our site! We hope you can join us for a meeting, or contact us if you have any questions. We are a club that enjoys homebrewing and loves sharing this knowledge about the craft.
- Donna
Oct. 12, 2015
Meeting Info: Date: Monday, October 12, 2014 Time: 7:00 pm EST Location: Bonefire Smokehouse at the Hardware, 260 West Main St. in Abingdon VA Hope you can make it out tonight to hear all about Brewing Water!
- Donna
Aug. 14, 2015
Over Mountain brewers, beer and wine makers, friends, family and wantabe brewers are invited to an informal cookout at Joseph Wentz's river house on the North Fork Holston River. Come for the day, the meal, or the entire weekend. The purpose is to just relax and enjoy the moment, and of course, talk about and enjoy homemade/ craft brewed beverages. This event serves as the August 2015 meeting of the Overmountain Brewers; however, cider, mead, wine makers, and anyone thinking about any fermentation, are also invited. (You don’t have to be a member to attend.)
- Donna
Aug. 14, 2015
Gathering of Brewers at the River House Rain or shine August 15, 2015 15506 Mendota Road (~8 miles west of Abingdon)
- Donna
Jul. 13, 2015
Hello Overmountain Brewers, I hope that everyone can make it to the meeting tonight! It is time for July 2015 homebrew club meeting. We will be having our next club only comp for this event. Don't let the rain and storms stop you from coming as we only meet once a month. We will be dry inside and judging these beers will by yum yum! This comp will feature BJCP style categories: 8 English Pale Ales and 14 India Pale Ales. Good luck to everyone! Meeting Info: Date: Monday, July 08, 2014 Time: 6:30 pm EST (earlier if you can make it so we can get started with the comp as quickly as we can) Location: Bonefire Smokehouse at the Hardware, 260 West Main St. in Abingdon VA Our next club only comp will be here before you know it, so take a look below and know it is not to early to get these beers ready! September 14, 2015 16 – 18 Belgians
- Donna
Apr. 13, 2015
I hope you were able to visit us at the 2015 Thirsty Orange Festival. Thank you to all that came by and tasted our beer, then proceeded to give us all kinds of great feedback. The entire club is glad you liked our beer and we can't wait to see you at the next club meeting. Be sure you tell all your friends about the club and remember everything that you tasted was made with love by members of this club. Catch you up soon with all that we have going on if you don't make it over to a meeting.
- Donna
Feb. 19, 2015

Hello Overmountain Brewers,

If you haven't yet registered for the club comp in March that you do that now! Also register if you would judge or be a steward. We are only 9 days away from the end of registration deadline for the March comp. See club site competition tab for details. This is the official start of the club only comps where your points will count toward the collection of points that shows the best style brewer of the club for this year! Enter as many beers as you like each comp, but only the top score will be counted for the tally at the end of the year.

Good Luck and Happy Brewing!

Current schedule layout is listed so you have time to get your beers ready:

2015 Club Only BJCP Competitions

Jan 12, 2015 10 American Ale
10A – American Pale Ale
10B – American Amber Ale
10C – American Brown Ale
March 9, 2015 12 Porter and 13 Stout
12 Porter
12A – Brown Porter
12B – Robust Porter
12C – Baltic Porter
13 Stout
13A – Dry Stout
13B – Sweet Stout
13C – Oatmeal Stout
13D – Foreign Extra Stout
13E – American Stout
13F – Russian Imperial Stout
May 11, 2015 1 – 5 Lagers
1A. Lite American Lager
1B. Standard American Lager
1C. Premium American Lager
1D. Munich Helles
1E. Dortmunder Export
2A. German Pilsner (Pils)
2B. Bohemian Pilsener
2C. Classic American Pilsner
3A. Vienna Lager
3B. Oktoberfest/Märzen
4A. Dark American Lager
4B. Munich Dunkel
4C. Schwarzbier
5A. Maibock/Helles Bock
5B. Traditional Bock
5C. Doppelbock
5D. Eisbock
July 13, 2015 8 English Pale Ales and 14 India Pale Ales
8A. Standard/Ordinary Bitter
8B. Special/Best/Premium Bitter
8C. Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
14A. English IPA
14B. American IPA
14C. Imperial IPA
September 14, 2015 16 – 18 Belgians
16A. Witbier
16B. Belgian Pale Ale
16C. Saison
16D. Bière de Garde
16E. Belgian Specialty Ale
17A. Berliner Weisse
17B. Flanders Red Ale
17C. Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin
17D. Straight (Unblended) Lambic
17E. Gueuze
17F. Fruit Lambic
18A. Belgian Blond Ale
18B. Belgian Dubbel
18C. Belgian Tripel
18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
18E. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
November 9, 2015 Styles Equal or Higher than Specific Gravity of 1070
5C. Doppelbock
5D. Eisbock
13F. Russian Imperial Stout
14C. Imperial IPA
15C. Weizenbock
16D. Bière de Garde
18C. Belgian Tripel
18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
18E. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
19B. English Barleywine
19C. American Barleywine
- Donna
Jan. 10, 2015
Have you had a chance to brew anything this year? Hopefully you have already brewed up a beer that will be the first of the 2015 Club Only BJCP comps. The first meeting of 2015 will occur this coming Monday 1/12/2015 at Bonefire, starting at 7 pm. You are welcome to come early and get dinner but this month we want to wrap up food early to clear it if we can out of the room. This meeting will include welcoming the newly voted in officers and membership renewals, please remember if you are writing a check please write it out to Overmountain Brewers. John Kelly will take those checks after our judging takes place.
- Donna
Jan. 9, 2015
Happy New Year! Hope you can make it to our first meeting in 2015! See events pages for date/time/location information. This month we will be doing our first up club comp featuring BJCP style category 10 American Ale. For the odd months this year we plan to have club comps but don't worry, for those that are eager to learn more about brewing this year will still have educational topics. See you there.
- Donna
Dec. 5, 2014

During the November 2014 meeting there was a large amount of discussion around how BJCP competitions are judged and how one learns to judge. In order to fully examine these questions we have decided that we will be doing Club Only BJCP comps in 2015.
These comps are going to be planned for every other month and we will be judging/discussing the style as part of the meetings. To prepare for this adventure, in the December meeting we will be discussing a BCJP score sheet and seeing how judging is actually done.

We encourage members to brew the selected style, and on the set comp days, participate in the judging of the beers entered into the comp. These comps will also help members focus on styles that they may not typically brew.

We want everyone in the club to understand the judging process and to participate as they can either by entering, judging, or both if possible. Each person interested in learning to judge a BJCP comp will be paired up with an experienced judge.

This is to be a learning experience, so if you brew a style, please try to limit your beer's exposure to other club members in order to keep it as anonymous as possible.

Entries must be in standard capped 12 oz brown glass bottles that are void of all identifying information, including labels and embossing.
Printed caps are allowed, but must be blacked out completely.

John Kelly will be the person coordinating the beers and entry numbers, so upon arriving at the set meeting, provide him with your entries. You must declare the style category your beer is to be entered in.

The first two styles are as follows and we will discuss what is upcoming at the December meeting:

Jan 12, 2015 10 American Ale
10A – American Pale Ale
10B – American Amber Ale
10C – American Brown Ale
March 9, 2015 12 Porter
12A – Brown Porter
12B – Robust Porter
12C – Baltic Porter

If you would like to view information related to these styles please see the style guidelines at this following hyperlink:

Homework for our club is to review:

How to judge a beer:

Scoresheet Coversheet:

Beer Scoresheet:

Simple Beer Checklist:

Simple Beer Checklist instructions:

- Donna
May. 3, 2014
Please join Overmountain Brewers for our Big Brew 2014 Celebration! We will be located in the Rear Parking Lot of Bonefire Smokehouse at the Hardware in Abingdon VA. Date: May 3, 2014 Time: 10-3pm Overmountain Brewers host homebrewing demos and live Q&A with homebrewers!
- Donna
Mar. 10, 2014

Oct 2013 News

As our president leaves the club due to relocation for work, he passes the torch to the Vice President and sends the club this note:

First, thank you all for being a part of the Overmountain Brewers. I went into that very first meeting terrified that no one would show up and that if someone did they would quickly see that I didn't have the slightest idea what I was doing. I have been consistently floored by the interest that has been shown in the club both in that first meeting and over the years since. I am also consistently astonished that no one ever realized that I didn't know what I was doing.

Secondly, thank you all for your faith in me and in the club. There’s no way that the idea would have ever made it past my drunken mumbles about how there should be a homebrew club in Abingdon if it hadn't been for the unrelenting encouragement and confidence that you all presented to me over the years. I truly hope that you feel that it was well placed and that the return on your investment was adequate.

Finally, I said it at the last meeting, but I’d like to make sure I say it to everyone: Thank you for letting me serve. I've had the time of my life working with you all to make the Overmountain Brewers into something that I never dreamed it could be back in 2011 and I sincerely hope to see it continue to grow and prosper in the future.

Nadya and I will be leaving Abingdon on Saturday but we'll be back in town periodically. I am hoping to be able to coordinate some of those return trips to fall on meeting days so hopefully I will be able to see you all again soon. If you'd like to contact me for any reason, please reach out to the club if you don’t have my personal contact information and if any of you are ever up in Fairfax let Nadya and I know, as it will be pleasant to have a little bit of home up there.

- Josh

- Donna
May. 4, 2012

Hello people! Hold on to your hats, the March winds have blown us quickly into planning for the summer. To start with thank you to all the Overmountain Homebrewers members for their participation in Shamrocks and Shenanigans! Our first member’s only comp went of as a complete success. To end the fabulous day we had, we helped Wolf Hills celebrate their St. Patrick’s Day event. As soon as we can the Comp tab will be updated with results. Now what do we have going on in the News? To start with we have tasting glasses in, one is free for all members. If you want to get an extra (or two) check with Josh Gibson. Then we also had an order for t-shirt come in. If you haven’t gotten yours please see Donna Dingus. We had a great presence at the Thirsty Orange Beer Festival in JC. Please give up many thanks to TIM JENKINS for bringing home BEST IN SHOW! Wow, we have to watch him; he is on fire. Then right after the Thirsty Orange a group of members visited another wonderful beer festival in Hickory NC: Hickory Hops. Let me tell you that was a blast. Pictures will be in the Gallery soon. And now we as a club are preparing for Big Brew! This is the AHA National Hombrewers day. Please feel come and join us at Wolf Hills, Saturday May 5, 2012. We will have brewing demos and brewers on site for Q&A. We plan for a Pot Luck Picnic, so bring some food/drink to share and come join us. That’s all for now folks. Check back soon as we are bound to get into some more fun this summer. And if you are interested in all that you have read or see here on our site, don’t forget to come out and join us for a meeting.

- Donna
Apr. 17, 2012

Finally got the gallery and contact form up and I also made some tweaks to the event calendar. Still a work in progress, but things are coming together a bit better. Suggestions for what to put on the site are always welcome.

- Josh Gibson
Feb. 4, 2012

NEWS is finally here! Thank you for taking the time to visit Overmountain Homebrewers website. You are currently on our news page so now we can give you some news of our club. Overmountain Brewers is a Homebrew Club that is just starting up. We met for the first time on September 30, 2011. Wolf Hills located in Abingdon VA hosted us and wow what a turn out! It was a surprise that there was so much interest in homebrewing right here in this area. At this meeting there was a lot to go through- as with anything, the club had to get itself figured out. Being a new club we had to get things established such as who we were, what we wanted to do, how were we going to be representing the craft of Homebrewing?

We have worked out several of those things so be sure you check out our meeting minutes to see what we covered and what we have going on. Be sure to visit us often as this year already has a ton of things going on.

We will be trying our best to keep you current with news as we know it and at the very least we will be sure to get meeting minutes out here so you can see what you might have missed and what is coming up next.

- Donna

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